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Friendship Lamps by Memory Shades

Friendship Lamps with Photo Lampshade Phone Charger

Friendship Lamps with Photo TouchLamp Phone ChargerCelebrate great friendships that stand the test of time with a gift to share that does the same. Whether you live in the same street or on different continents, if you have a best friend or a group of friends, great friendships stand the test of time and you want a gift to share that does the same
Create and Share a Group Photo Album in 5 Easy Steps

Create and Share a Group Photo Album in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a shared album is an easy way to collect the best photos for a group photo gift. The next 5 steps will show you how to make, and share a group photo album
Father’s Day Photo Lamp Phone Charger

Father's Day Photo Gift Lamp Phone Charger

Father’s Day Photo Gift Lamp...want to create a unique gift for Father's Day to make Dad's day, this year on Sunday the 16th June. If you're looking for truly unique gifts for Dad, our personalized sculpted photo lamps are the perfect father's day gift for men with a lot to be proud of... and probably enough socks!
Gifts that make you smile every time you turn on the light, perfect for all occasions new home decor gift

An Exciting New Way to Create a Unique Photo Gift

Amazing unique practical gift ideasGiving old photos new life couldn't be easier!
Every story is unique, every moment precious, too precious to stay hidden away in a forgotten photo album. Create a unique and original gift from a collection of photos telling your story in pictures