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June 03, 2019

Creating a shared album is an easy way to collect the best photos for a personalised group memento or Friendship Lamp, whether you’re gathering pictures from a special celebration, a holiday, a close friendship, a group gift from for a special birthday anniversary, or loved one, the next few steps will show you how to make a group photo album that you, and anyone you share the link with can add to and edit.



Create and Share a Group Photo Album in 5 Easy Steps


1 - Download your free app

Download the relevant apple or android app from the link below


2- Create your shared photo album

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app it’s time to create your shared photo album. Click on the blue plus arrow, and create new board


3- Add a name and description to your shared photo album

Enter a name and description for the group board. This will be the name and description that is visible to whoever you share access permissions to.


Eg. Sarah’s Hen

Add all your best pics from the weekend


4- Start Adding Your Favourite Photos 

Add photos to your group photo album

To make a start adding pictures click on the Blue Plus button and add the pictures you want to add the the group photo album


5- Invite friends to start adding photos

When you want to invite others to collaborate hit the share button and copy link, you’ll be given options to view only, or edit a view, and you can also choose to be notified when anyone new accepts an invite and joins the group photo album

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