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Friendship Lamps with Photo Lampshade Phone Charger

June 03, 2019

Friendship Lamps by Memory Shades

Celebrate your friendships with personalised friendship lamps with photo lampshade and twin phone chargers. Whether you live in the same street or on different continents, whether you have a best friend or a group of friends, great friendships stand the test of time and you want a gift to share that does the same.

Personalised Photo Friendship lamps come with worldwide tracked delivery and energy efficient maintenance free LED touch lamp base as standard. Photo touch lamps that are made to last as a reminder that you are always there for each other wherever you are. Just like your friendship, they are truly one of a kind. 

See your photos every time you turn on the light with the unique multiple visual effects

Friendship touch lamp (Switched OFF)

Friendship touch lamp (Switched ON)







Friendship Lamps in Two Sizes 

Choose from two sizes of Lampshade to be mounted to your touch lamp base with twin phone chargers. Select 14 or 27 photos you love, the pictures that mean the most and upload them from a smartphone or computer.

14 Photo Friendship Touch Lamp Phone Charger

14 Photo Touch Lamp Phone Charger 


27 Photo Friendship Touch Lamp Phone Charger

27 Photo Touch Lamp Phone Charger


Once we receive your order we’ll take care of the rest keeping you informed with confirmation and tracking information every step of the way.


Create the perfect Photo Friendship Lamp 

Work together with your friends to create the perfect photo friendship lamp. Choose from all the best photos by inviting friends to add and edit the album for your photo friendship lamp. 

When you’re happy with your selected pictures you can share your albums link with us securely and we’ll start work immediately on your photo gift.


Click here to find out how to create and share a group photo album in 5 easy steps 


Great Savings on multiple orders

Whether you’re ordering a surprise gift for a close friend, or a memento for a group party, take advantage of our great savings today.

Order securely, choosing to upload pictures at checkout or sending them over when you’ve had time to choose. 

Creating a stunning photo friendship gift to celebrate meaningful friendships has never been easier


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Photo Lampshade with elegant heavy base

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