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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a special lamp and would like a custom size lampshade, can you help? 

A: Yes, we’re always happy to undertake bestpoke builds at a competitive price. Contact me on andrew@mymemoryshade.com

Q: How do I send my pictures, and how many do I send? 

A: The image quantity is set by the product and images are uploaded before checkout, check out our full catalogue to browse all the sizes available

Q: Can I duplicate images if I don’t have enough photos?

A: Yes, images can be duplicated and every effort will be made to position them at opposite sides of the lamp


Image Quality

Q: Can I use scans, or photos of images developed from film? 

A: Yes, at Memory Shades we take time with each image to improve the contrast and clarity. It’s advised to scan in high resolution, or take a photo with a good quality camera or smartphone without flash from above, without bright overhead lighting, enduring the corners of the image are in frame and remain square. This will help avoid any distortion or glare. We will remove damage to images, artefacts and reflections where possible.

Q: Do I need to crop or edit my pictures, does it matter if they are colour or black and white?

A: Uploading images on checkout will allow you to edit and frame your photos. You can send images as they are, either black and white or colour or a mix.


USB Touch Lamp 

Q: Can I charge my phone when the lamp is off? 

A: Yes, the USB interfaces are powered allowing you to charge your devices with or without the bulb being activated. 

Q: How bright is the lamp? 

A: The USB Touch Lamp has three brightness settings from ambient to bright, making it ideal for a variety of situations. 


Processing and delivery 

Q: How long after placing my order will I receive my goods? 

A: We aim to process all orders within 2-3 weeks plus shipping within receipt of your images, however this is only a guide and lead times can become extended at peak periods e.g Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers / Fathers Day etc 

Q: Is it possible to get my items any quicker? 

A: Yes, under shipping options choose “on demand” for faster delivery and processing time. 1-3 days processing and special next day delivery on selected products.