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Upload Images

If you choose an express checkout option or received a gift voucher send your images from a smartphone or computer using one of the methods below.

PC or Mac

Go to WeTransfer and click on “send a file” from there you can upload your images and enter the recipient email address Include your Name and Order Number from your order confirmation email or Voucher Code in the dialogue box

Tablet or Smartphone

Download WeCollect for Apple or Android here

Go to “Boards” and click the blue + sign, add the Title as your Name and order number from your confirmation email or voucher code and add your photos from your device.

To share click the three dots in the upper right corner and hit “Share” entering the email address

Please ensure the image quantity is correct and if an image is so special you wish to repeat, duplicates will be positioned on opposite sides of the lampshade.

If you have any questions or need any further assistance contact form or live chat option


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