27 Photo Ceiling Light Shade – Memory Shades

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27 Photo Ceiling Light Shade

Memory Shades help you bring light to your most treasured memories, from celebrating your love for friends and family, to marking a special occasion, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, birthday, anniversary, keepsake, engagement, or as stylish addition to any home.

Recreating your digital photographs, camera snaps or scans into a captivating scuplted design.

Ordering is simple, if you have your images to hand you can upload now, if you need some time you can checkout without your images and receive simple instructions of how to send your files when you’re ready. If you have any problems at all you can contact me anytime

If you need to take a copy of an existing photograph, you’ll find some handy tips on scanning or photographing images in the FAQ’s section

Made from a safe, and hard wearing environmentally friendly alternative to plastic you can be sure that your memory shade will be a treasured long lasting item

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me so I can help with your enquiry

The perfect way to display your favourite photos. 

27 Photo Memory Shade (H x D) 180mm x 176mm

Lampshade Rotatable on table lamp mountfor both large 40mm and 29mm fittings as standard

Need to display more images? Why not upgrade to a 30 image Memory shade 

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